MANCHESTER, U.K. — Kellogg Co. U.K. on Aug. 4 announced several enhancements to its Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereals, including a 15% reduction in sugar by mid-2011, the addition of vitamin D and the launch of a new cereal variety, Coco Pops Choc N’ Roll.

In removing 15% of sugar in all its Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereals, Kellogg said it effectively will reduce sugar content to one and a half teaspoons per serving and remove almost 750 tonnes of sugar from the nation’s diet annually. Kellogg said it will replace the sugar with starch from grains and glucose syrup. No artificial sweeteners will be used. Calories will be maintained at about 116 calories per serving.

The planned sugar reduction applies to all four Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereals sold in the United Kingdom. Coco Pops Moons & Stars will re-launch in early 2011, while renovated Coco Pops original, Coco Pops Mega Munchers and Coco Pops Rocks will launch by the middle of next year.

Coco Pops cereals also now will provide about 10% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D.

“We’ve listened to what mums have been saying and we’re responding,” said Greg Peterson, managing director of Kellogg U.K. “They want a balance: lower sugar cereals which children will still eat. We’ve invested millions of pounds and thousands of staff hours over the last two years to make this happen, and will do this without compromising the taste people love.”

This marks the first move in an ongoing program to improve the nutrition profile of the entire Coco Pops cereal line in the United Kingdom. Looking ahead, the company also aims to further reduce the sugar content in its Coco Pops products, provided they pass consumer taste tests.

“This is a process, so while we’ve announced we are taking 15% of sugar out by mid- next year, we will go further if we can take peoples’ palates with us,” he added.

Kellogg also announced the launch of Coco Pops Choc N’ Roll, which the company said is low in salt, low in sugar, low in saturated fat, and high in fiber. In addition, the cereal contains whole grains and is fortified.

“Coco Pops Choc N’ Roll cereal helps children have a great tasting and balanced start to the day,” Mr. Peterson said. “We’ve undertaken a huge effort to ensure this works, including investing two years in developing this food so it meets some of the most rigorous nutritional standards in the world. We’ve also priced it cheaper than any other branded chocolate cereal on the supermarket shelf, and we’re spending three million pounds promoting it. It is now up to mums to make their choice.”