MINNEAPOLIS — General Mills, Inc. is expanding its Nature Valley line with the launch of Nature Valley Granola Thins in two flavors: dark chocolate and peanut butter.

The Granola Thins have granola on one side and peanut butter or dark chocolate flavor on the other.

“People are looking for smart snack options that still satisfy those sweet cravings they might otherwise find in something heavier and less wholesome,” said David Wilson, associate marketing manager for Nature Valley. “New Nature Valley Granola Thins are the perfect 100% natural afternoon pick-me-up. Granola Thins are a uniquely sweet, yet wholesome snack with a texture like nothing else in the granola aisle.”

Nature Valley Granola Thins are sold in 6-oz boxes, containing 10 individually wrapped Thins, at a suggested retail price of $3.59. The product may be found in the granola aisle alongside other Nature Valley products in select markets.