EMERYVILLE, CALIF. — Clif Bar & Co. has introduced Full Moon Brownie Zbar for a limited time. The bar combines a chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips in a snack bar made with organic ingredients and baked whole grains, plus 12 vitamins and minerals specific for children’s growing bodies.

“Halloween can be a spooky time for parents who are torn between the sugary treats of the season and their kids’ nutritional needs,” said Jennifer Yun, brand director for Clif Kid. “With Full Moon Brownie Zbar, Clif Kid gives parents a nourishing alternative that their kids will love for its great flavor, without compromising on nutrition.”

Clif Bar said Full Moon Brownie is replacing the Spooky S’mores seasonal flavor, which has been added to the permanent Zbar line. Other child-friendly flavors include chocolate chip, honey graham, chocolate brownie and peanut butter.

Full Moon Brownie is available at a suggested retail price of 89c.