MUNSTER, IND. — SALiTe, a new ingredient made from salt and a bulking agent of the manufacturer’s choosing, has been shown to reduce salt by 25% to more than 50% in topical applications, according to S.K. Patil & Associates, Inc., Munster. A patent-pending process owned by S.K. Patil & Associates produces SALiTe, a micron to sub-micron particle ingredient.

“Regular salt is not readily soluble in saliva because of its high density and large particles size,” S.K. Patil & Associates said. “When these particles are sprinkled on foods for immediate consumption or during further processing, they provide low-intensity, long-lasting, spotty salty taste.

“SALiTe delivers a much improved dissolution providing equal salty taste as table-top salt by a significant reduction of salt particles to micron to sub-micron particle size, resulting in a significant lowering of sodium intake with the effect of normal salting on topical applications.”

Potential applications include table salt, fries, chips, snacks, pretzels, crackers, baked foods and popcorn.

SALiTe includes salt and a bulking agent such as maltodextrin or starch. No masking agents are needed since the ingredient does not include salt substitutes such as potassium or magnesium salts. SALiTe may be co-blended with spices, flavors, colors and flow agents.

Sakharam K. Patil, president of S.K. Patil & Associates, and Ya-Jane Wang, a professor of food science at the University of Arkansas, developed SALiTe.