CHICAGO – McDonald’s Corp. on Aug. 14 announced plans to invest approximately $6 billion to modernize more than 8,700 restaurants in the United States and the District of Columbia by 2020.

The new features in these McDonald’s restaurants will include:

• Modern dining areas with globally and locally inspired decor, new furniture and refreshed exterior designs

• Self-order kiosks

• Remodeled counters to allow table service

• Digital menu boards inside the restaurant and in the drive-thru

• Curbside pick-up for mobile orders

• An expansion of McCafe counters and larger display cases.

The largest investment, of approximately $448 million, is expected to take place at 840 restaurants in Texas, followed by a $390 million investment in 550 restaurants in California. McDonald’s said it plans to modernize more than 360 locations in New York at a cost of approximately $320 million.

For a list of McDonald's system investments in restaurants by state, click here.