MANCHESTER, ENGLAND — Kara has invested $1.2 million (£1 million) to improve capabilities at its plant in Manchester, England. The food service company said the updates will increase production efficiencies and output.

Operating under the Finsbury Food Group, Kara produces a range of frozen bakery products for more than 300 wholesalers and food service operations in the U.K., France, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

Kara used most of the funds to update a proofer on its bun and roll line, replacing the enclosure, air conditioning system and hydraulic drive pack. These modifications will help integrate systems, improve product quality and reduce downtime, according to the bakery.

“Improvements to the production plant not only means that we’ll be able to produce a higher quantity of products in a shorter space of time but also provides an opportunity for Kara to grow and expand further,” said Robin Mountain, business unit director at Kara.

Looking toward the future, the food service company plans on enhancing its main ventilation system and replacing of one if its spiral freezers.