For the past 50 years, sliced bread — specifically enriched white bread — has struggled to maintain sales. Some years, sales are flat, and in other years it’s a straight decline.

The commercial baking industry has kept consumers coming back by innovating with variety grains, whole grains, low-carb and other new products. Even still, sliced bread must fight to keep up with other food industry segments or even other categories of the baking industry. In our first season of Since Sliced Bread, Charlotte Atchley, senior editor of Baking & Snack, talked to industry leaders to find answers to the question, “How do we get consumers excited about bread again?”

In this first episode, we’re speaking to Sosland Publishing Co.’s president Josh Sosland to find out how the bread market is performing and how it got to this point. Mr. Sosland is the editor of Milling & Baking News and editor-in-chief of Food Business News, two Sosland publications. He’s been writing about the milling and baking industries for 35 years.

Mr. Sosland takes us through the sales data for the past few years and pointed out what he finds particularly significant about today’s bread market and what bakers should focus on as they look to the future.

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