While sliced bread has struggled in the marketplace for a long time, one force stands out today as a game changer, the internet. With the proliferation of blogs, social media and smartphones, consumers have a wealth of information at their literal fingertips, sometimes too much— or even inaccurate— information. Anyone with a web site can say anything they want about nutrition and social media allows that information to spread fast and take hold.

While this has led to more awareness around gluten intolerance or low- or no-carb diets, it also has given bakeries the ability to connect directly with consumers in a low-cost way. Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe has become a voice cutting through the internet noise by presenting facts about its bread products.

“Bread like ours that has so many nutritional benefits — fiber, B vitamins, protein, calcium — you shouldn’t avoid it,” said Julie Martin, social media manager for Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe. “It is a nice part of a balanced diet. Getting that information out is working, but we need to do it more.”

On this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Ms. Martin shares how the bakery is communicating on social media the healthfulness of its bread and the value the company found in connecting with its consumers. Hear her thoughts on how the industry can use these connections to educate consumers that not all carbs are bad.

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