LONDON — Tate & Lyle PLC launched Sweetener Vantage Expert Systems, a set of sweetener solution designs tools together with an education program, to help formulators create sugar-reduced food and beverages using low calorie sweeteners.

The Sweetener-Vantage suit of tools includes maps and selection tools along with WikiSweet, a proprietary encyclopedia of formulation challenges and solutions. It also features a new three-module webinar series, Sweetener University, which provides a forum for formulators to hear about and discuss science and trends relating to sweeteners. The first module in the series will be delivered July 22 by two of the company’s leading sweetener experts: Shawn Erickson, senior principal scientist, and Jim Carr, director of global ingredient technology for sweeteners.

“We developed the Sweetener Vantage Expert Systems to meet high demand for accessible expert guidance and tools that simplify and expedite the product development process,” Mr. Erickson said. “Through this suite of tools, Tate & Lyle shares 160-years of sweetening expertise to help formulators of all experience-levels build their knowledge of the latest sweetener science, understand variations in sweetener offerings and deepen formulation expertise.”

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