For bakers wanting to boost fiber in their products, ADM offers its high-performance resistant tapioca starch. This starch is 90% dietary fiber, which is created for use in low net carb formulations. Not only does it provide dietary fiber, but this tapioca starch also has a neutral flavor without aftertaste. 

“According to ADM OutsideVoice research, fiber is the No. 1 ingredient consumers seek to add to their diets,” said Rhonda Witwer, director, technical service food sales, ADM. “Fiber is also an important ingredient in applications targeting popular diets such as keto and low glycemic where it can help reduce net carbs. Our clean-tasting resistant tapioca starch makes it easier for formulators to meet consumer demand for fiber-fortified products.”

Not only does this resistant tapioca starch provide added fiber and clean flavor, but it also controls water migration and offers freeze-thaw stability. Its low water-holding capacity provides enhanced crispiness and ease-of-use when used in high inclusion levels. ADM’s high-performance resistant tapioca starch is keto-friendly, gluten free and non-GMO.