ORANGE, NJ. — Shirley Cohen has been named chief executive officer at Lycored.

She brings more than two decades of experience managing multinational companies to the carotenoid-based ingredient supplier. Ms. Cohen began her career as a consultant specializing in improvement strategies in industries including plastic and wineries. She also managed large-scale IT projects as a general manager at software quality assurance company Tescom Ltd.

Prior to joining Lycored, Ms. Cohen spent 12 years at Eden Springs International, a provider of water and coffee solutions for offices, where she held a series of executive management roles, including chief operating officer and senior vice president for south Europe.

She will oversee major expansion in her new role, Lycored said. The company recently announced it will more than double production of its tomato-based lycopene to meet elevated demand.

Ms. Cohen succeeds former CEO Rony Patishi-Chillim, who was named vice president of finance at Adama Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel, Lycored’s parent company.

“Shirley is joining the team at a great time because our brand recognition and product offering are the perfect fit for current wellness trends,” Ms. Patishi-Chillim said. “She brings extensive experience leading people, which I’m certain will be a great asset as Lycored expands and moves forward.”