LOUISVILLE, COLO. — Brandon Viar has been named chief executive officer at Fresca Foods Inc., a privately held natural foods manufacturer.

Mr. Viar has held a range of roles since joining the company in 2011. He previously was vice president of strategy and corporate development, chief financial officer and chief commercial officer. He has been co-CEO since January 2020. Prior to joining Fresca Foods, he was director of franchise relations at DOG Development and a manager at Southern States Cooperative.

“Fresca has supported the growth of the natural products industry for over 20 years and has continued to grow throughout the pandemic,” Mr. Viar said. “We are a multi-platform manufacturer and an exceptional innovation partner, with lots of room to grow.”

While many co-manufacturers have limited capacity during the pandemic, Fresca Foods has positioned itself for growth by investing in new platforms and expanded capacity on its core systems, he added. The company actively is seeking new customers for cold-formed bars, extruded baked foods, nut butters and granola and plans to introduce several new products in 2022.