The plant-based trend shows no sign of slowing down. For bakers on the hunt for alternatives to dairy ingredients, AAK USA developed Akoplanet 28-001 ORG. This blend of organic coconut and organic sunflower oils creates a plant-based cheese. AAK showcased this application at the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Expo in its plant-based cheesy garlic biscuit prototype. 

“We used a sliceable cheese in the biscuit, showing that even plant-based can be an indulgent treat,” said Vineet Jindal, customer innovation manager, plant-based food for AAK USA. 

In a cheese application, Akoplanet 28-001 ORG provides the similar functionality to dairy fat while providing a clean taste. Plant-based cheese made with this oil blend also has excellent slicing and shredding characteristics. The oil blend is organic and non-GMO and compatible with several different cheese flavors.