HATBORO, PA. — Pretzel Pete, a family-owned snack manufacturer based out of Hatboro, Pa., added Seasoned Pretzel Pieces to its lineup of gourmet pretzel snacks. The product is available in three flavors: Smoky bacon and cheddar, Buffalo blue and cinnamon brown sugar.

Each flavor of the snack features a distinct seasoning mix. The smoky bacon and cheddar includes a blend of buttermilk, onion and garlic powder, natural smoke flavor and natural cheddar flavor. The Buffalo blue seasoning is made of hot sauce, cayenne pepper and blue cheese, and the cinnamon brown sugar seasoning incorporates a mix of brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon and maple syrup and molasses to create a sweet snack.

Seasoned Pretzel Pieces have been launched on the company’s website but will not be seen in retail outlets until January 2021.

The snack is available in multipacks that include four 10.5-oz packages for a suggested retail price of $19.50 per package.

Pretzel Pete offers a range of indulgent pretzel snacks that are made from local ingredients and are free from artificial flavors, colors and flavor enhancers. The company’s products are also free from peanuts, nuts and sesame.

“We manufacture in our own facility and in an allergen-safe environment so we can offer that peace of mind,” said Karl Brown, president of Pretzel Pete.

Mr. Brown noted that Pretzel Pete’s snacks carry perception as a leaner option without sacrificing any of the flavor.

“Without a doubt, our products are an indulgent flavor play that resonates with many of our customers,” Mr. Brown said. “So, for many, they buy our products because they simply love the taste.”