HANOVER, PA. — Utz Quality Foods, Inc. is halting production of its Husman’s snack line. Steadily declining sales and an increasingly competitive snack category contributed to the brand’s termination, an Utz spokesperson said. 

Founded in 1919 in Cincinnati, the Husman’s portfolio includes a variety of potato chips, cheese puffs and popcorns. For the past 15 years, the snacks have been produced in Berlin, Pa., and sold in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. In 2019, Utz acquired Husman’s as part of its acquisition of Conagra Brands, Inc.’s direct-store delivery snacks business.

Utz said the move will not impact employees at its Berlin facility and will enhance sales teams’ offerings.

“Notably, this decision has no impact on our workforce; in fact, we have added positions and plan to add even more as we begin producing new products and introduce other snack brands to our Berlin factory in February 2021,” an Utz spokesperson said. “Additionally, this change supports our local, independent sales team by providing them with more competitive offerings for Cincinnati and nearby markets, giving them a wider range of snack food brands to offer.“