SANTA BARBARA, CA. — Sergio Caballero has been named Western North America regional sales manager for FoodTools, Santa Barbara, Calif., an equipment manufacturing company focused in the portioning industry.

Caballero has two decades of experience at FoodTools and has spent the past few years working with commercial baking ovens and packaging lines.

“Spending a few years selling ovens and packaging machines has given me a broader view of the industry, and I’m looking forward to helping our clients not only speed up their portioning process but also connect them with companies and representatives around the food processing industry,” Mr. Caballero said.

Mr. Caballero is an active member in industry associations, including BEMA and the American Bakers Association (ABA). He has lead panel discussions for conferences and often volunteers for special committees working with association board members.

Mr. Caballero first joined FoodTools in 1998. By 2018, he was managing the Western North America sales territory.

“It feels like I’m coming home, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting and working together with bakery owners, purchasing departments and maintenance managers, many of whom I’ve known for years, or even decades,” said Mr. Caballero.