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KANSAS CITY — In the latest season of Since Sliced Bread, listeners will hear conversations with analysts, consultants, and baking and snack companies as they explore the importance of innovation and some of the best practices for creating new products. Season seven premiers July 21.

Guests such as Kaitlin Kamp, consumer insights analyst for food and drink at Mintel; Bohn Popp, executive vice president of quality and brand strategy, Rick Brown, chief customer officer of Aunt Millie's; and Joe Ens, co-chief executive officer of HighKey will discuss current trends driving innovation, how the pandemic impacted new product development, and how new market forces like e-commerce are changing how companies innovate.

"I had the opportunity to have some great conversations about what innovation is, why it's important and what is driving new product development today," said Charlotte Atchley, editor of Baking & Snack and host of Since Sliced Bread. "I hope these conversations will provide some inspiration as baking and snack companies look to retain consumers' attention."

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