MONTREAL — Global supply issues involving raw materials, packaging, pallets and transportation have led Lallemand Baking to announce price increases on certain products to compensate for steadily increasing costs.

Steve Marinella, senior vice president of sales at Lallemand Baking, said the price of dry yeast will be raised 30¢ per lb, while the price of bags and blocks will be raised 12¢ per lb and the price of liquid yeast will increase 6¢ per lb, effective Jan. 1, 2022.

“Lallemand has built its reputation by striving to go above and beyond customer expectations,” Mr. Marinella said. “The freight industry is facing driver shortages — this makes lead times imperative to follow. It is business critical to ensure that your teams are respecting lead times and avoiding any last-minute change orders. We appreciate your every support. Please do not hesitate to work with your key account sales manager with any unforeseen circumstances.”

Mr. Marinella said that for non-contracted partners the current increase announcement effective Jan. 1, 2022, will be the difference between the current increase less the July increase.