KANSAS CITY – A steady stream of pasta innovation has reached the market during the past year. Ingredients used to differentiate the products range from brewer’s spent grain, brown rice, cauliflower, chickpea and lupin. The products are formulated to be a healthier spin on traditional wheat-based pasta and, in some cases, add a sustainability attribute. 

For example, Tribe 9 Foods has partnered with Beyond Meat to offer a ravioli featuring plant-based meat and pasta formulated with brown rice flour.

“Fresh ravioli that tastes remarkable should be available to everyone,” said Brian Durst, chief executive officer of Tribe 9 Foods, the parent company of Taste Republic. “Beyond Meat has accomplished for meat what we’ve done for pasta — to create an option comparable to its traditional counterparts.”

Earlier this year Caulipower broke into the alternative pasta category with a cauliflower-based variety. Caulipower Cauliflower Pasta has 48% more fiber than traditional pasta and half the amount of sugar of leading gluten-free pastas, according to the company.

“It looks, cooks, and tastes just like fresh pasta, with fewer calories than any other on the market — fresh, frozen, or dry,” said Gail Becker, founder and chief executive officer of Caulipower. “Our mission is to make America’s favorite, delicious comfort foods healthier by using the power of plants. We did it with pizza. We did it with chicken tenders. Now we’re doing it with pasta.”

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