KANSAS CITY – Plant-based, spicy flavors and better-for-you ingredients were all attributes included in Campbell Soup Co. innovation during 2021.

“Our new items focus on new occasions and relevant wellness trends,” said Mark Clouse, president and chief executive officer, during a Sept. 1 earnings call with securities analysts. “Expanding on the relaunch of our better-for-you Well Yes! brand is the launch of Well Yes! Power Bowls with five unique varieties for both lunch and snack occasions.

“We have also expanded our successful Slow Kettle Crunch innovation with four varieties of Campbell’s Red & White Crunch, including our iconic Classic Tomato Soup with Goldfish toppings.”

The Pacific Foods business owned by Campbell Soup Co. has added more plant-based products, including creamy oat milk soups and creamy plant-based protein broths. Chunky Spicy Chicken Noodle is a new Campbell’s variety, and Campbell’s condensed soup is getting a refresh, Mr. Clouse said.

“We are contemporizing the brand to better match our growing millennial consumer base while improving the product and its shop-ability as we continue to support our positioning as a starting point for delicious meals,” Mr. Clouse said. “We also have continued our journey of simplifying our ingredient lines and improving quality.”

Additional innovation introduced during the year included a variety of extensions to Pepperidge Farms Goldfish crackers and spicy varieties of chicken noodle soup.