YORK, UNITED KINGDOM — Cybake bakery software now directly integrates with REKKI, a mobile app that connects chefs and restaurants with their suppliers for ordering. 

 Cybake’s cloud bakery management software system automates orders, invoicing, production, waste control and deliveries for both retail and wholesale bakers. The software is currently being used by retail and wholesale bakeries throughout the UK, Ireland, the United States and Australia. 

 This direct integration allows the Cybake program to automatically receive orders placed by restaurants through the REKKI app. Cybake then can add those orders directly into the bakery’s production planning. After developing its app in 2016, London-based REKKI now offers the online ordering service to foodservice operators around the world. 

 “The integration itself saves an enormous amount of time and money,” said Jamie Munro, REKKI product manager. “The time is the obvious bit. It’s the time it takes to process an order, so there’s that calculation. Then there is also the time it takes and the money it takes to recover from human errors when processing those orders.” 

 Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery, Hertfordshire, UK, has experienced the organizational benefits of the integration between Cybake and REKKI firsthand as the wholesale bakery manages orders from its foodservice customers. 

 “It’s good software, and it helps us receive information in the way we want to receive it rather than scribbled with a pen or in a WhatsApp message or a phone call,” said David Dwek, managing director, Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery.

 In order for baking companies using Cybake to benefit from the integration, their products must be available for ordering through the REKKI app. 

 “REKKI is an excellent app, and the way the team behind it have built up its coverage across the world is impressive,” said Jane Tyler, founder and managing director of Cybake. “What I really like about it is the way that it solves real-world issues in our sector so neatly. We were very happy to collaborate on this project.”