PARAMOUNT, CALIF. — Plant-based prepared food company Tattooed Chef is expanding out of the freezer aisle with new on-the-go snack bars.

The plant-based bars are available in four flavors, including Oat Butter Graham, Oat Butter Chocolate Chip, Oat Butter Peanut and Oat Butter Brownie. Each bar features 140 milligrams of blended adaptogens to impact consumers’ moods in different ways, according to the company. Included in the ingredient list are ashwagandha, holy basil, reishi and vitamin D3.

“Through our nostalgic innovation — creating meals and snacks that people know and love, now made healthier — we can tap into everybody’s plant-based side,” said Sarah Galletti, founder and chief creative officer of Tattooed Chef. “Breaking out of the freezer aisle in 2022 is a pivotal moment for Tattooed Chef as it furthers our mission to make plant-based meals that are delicious and accessible to everyone.”

The gluten-free bars contain 12 to 14 grams of pea protein per serving and are free from added sugars and soy.