SISTERS, ORE. — Laird Superfood Inc., a maker of functional coffee blends, creamers, drink mixes and supplements, is entering the snack category with the launch of a plant-based protein bar.

Featuring adaptogens from chaga and lion’s mane extracts, each bar contains 10 grams of protein from peas, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds, plus 6 grams of dietary fiber and all nine essential amino acids. They are made without gluten, dairy, soy or whey and are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. They come in peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip, chocolate mint and lemon almond varieties.

“With the growing number of consumers interested in plant-based snacks made from real food ingredients tailored to fit their specific diets, we’ve created a convenient protein-packed snack that will power them through every daypart,” said Jason Vieth, president and chief executive officer of Laird Superfood. “Aligned with our belief that delicious foods should always nourish, fuel and help you be your best, this is not your average protein bar. It's great-tasting functional fuel available at the palm of your hand.”

The snack bars are available direct-to-consumer through the company’s e-commerce platform. They are priced at $2.69 for a single bar, $9.99 for a 4-pack and $24.95 for a 24-pack.