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Food safety regulations can be complicated and create a lot of upheaval in the industry as baking companies try to come within compliance. The latest—the FASTER Act and the final rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act regarding traceability—have been implemented and are bringing further change to the way the baking industry does business and production. The American Bakers Association (ABA) has been on the front lines advocating for the baking industry on these issues and more, and helping baking companies understand what they need to do to be in compliance with these new regulations. 

“We’ve encouraged our bakers to look at the small things,” said Rasma Zvaners, vice president, regulatory and technical services, ABA, in this episode of Since Sliced Bread. “Make sure your Ts are crossed and your Is are dotted and be responsive when the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is there for an inspection.”

In this episode, Ms. Zvaners explains how ABA has advocated for the industry around the FASTER Act and sesame being added to the allergen list, the support the ABA is providing bakers regarding the new traceability rule and the future of food safety regulations. 

Listen to Since Sliced Bread to hear more about the resources the ABA provides baking companies as they incorporate the latest regulatory rules for food safety.

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