MILWAUKEE — Miller Baking Co., manufacturer of Pretzilla pretzels, is consolidating operations from two sites in Milwaukee to one site in the city of Franklin, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Three years ago, the Milwaukee-based Miller Baking Co. was acquired by Benestar Brands, LLC, a portfolio company of private investment firm Highlander Partners, LP.

Plant project documents indicate that the site will include both a production area and a corporate headquarters area. Within the production area, there will be a raw processing side and a ready-to-eat side, according to the Journal Sentinel, which cited city project documents.

According to the cited documents, the processing side will include equipment for “mixing, portioning, moulding, proofing, retarding, caustic bathing and cutting/scoring of raw dough” whereas the ready-to-eat side will include equipment for “baking, cooling, packaging and freezing.”

The proposed Pretzilla building will be a 162,473-square-foot structure at 4620 S. Oakwood Park Drive, Franklin, Wis. The Miller Baking Co. also has submitted an amendment application to the city for building a 28,152-square-foot, two-story bakery addition on the building’s north side.