VICTORIA, BC. — Artisan bread producer Portofino Bakery, a brand of Bond Baking Brands, has been certified as a B Corporation. The certification recognizes that Portofino Bakery meets certain standards regarding social and environmental performance as well as acknowledges the company’s commitment to continuous improvement.

“At Portofino Bakery our mission is to enable people to have world-class bakery products in their homes every day,” said Matt Cimon, president of Portofino Bakery. “But our mission does not stop there. We are also committed to sustainable growth, where we make explicit decisions that do better for our communities, our employees, and the world around us.”

Last fall, Portofino Bakery completed the Radicle Climate Smart greenhouse gas reduction program from Radicle Group Inc. The program guides businesses toward more sustainable practices that also reduce operational costs. To earn its Radicle Climate Smart certification, Portofino Bakery undertook carbon reduction initiatives in 2021. These included installing a flour silo system — which cuts down on transportation emissions and saves flour bags from landfills — and reducing the thickness of plastic bread bags.

Portofino Bakery also has shown a willingness to give back to local communities. The artisan bread baker partners with community groups and foodbanks across Canada to donate funds and fresh baked foods, donating more than 5,000 loaves of bread annually to various community groups.

“Giving back to the local communities that have supported us along the way has long been a value that we’ve held at Portofino,” Mr. Cimon said. “At the end of the day, we want to make sure that our products are accessible to everyone, whether it be in the grocery aisle or through one of our local food bank partners. We believe all people deserve access to better bread.”