The Inline Ultra High Shear Sanitary Mixer Model HSM-715XSUHD-250 from Charles Ross & Son Co. delivers dispersion, emulsification and homogenization at high throughput. Featuring the company’s patented X-Series rotor/stator in type AL-6XN stainless steel, this mixer takes product through the center of the stator and moves it outward through radial channels in the rows of concentric rotor/stator teeth.

“Adjustability and precise control of shear input in the X-Series enables fine-tuning of texture, viscosity and droplet or particle size across different formulations,” said Christine Banaszek, sales manager, Charles Ross & Son Co. “Operators can set rotor speed, adjust the gap between the rotor and stator and control residence time. Another advantage of the X-Series is it can be cleaned and disinfected in place. After validating their own CIP procedure according to GMP protocols, many users of the X-Series find no need to dismantle the mixer before or after cleaning.”

Designed for continuous operation, the HSM-715XSUHD-250 is driven by a 250-hp washdown inverter-duty motor and equipped with tapered roller bearings. Its mixing chamber can withstand 150 psig at 250°F and features a stainless steel jacket for heating/cooling. This model is CIP compliant, with the back of the mixing chamber relieved to promote thorough cleaning around the seal area.

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