SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. — Boxed pasta brand Goodles is expanding its lineup with a limited-edition flavor that is inspired by “your favorite pint of IPA.”

The “If You’re Hoppy and You Know It” flavor combines the classic flavor of macaroni and cheese with the hoppy and citrusy flavors of an India pale ale, but with no alcohol. The kosher boxed macaroni features 15 grams of protein per prepared cup and 7 grams of fiber with prebiotics, according to the company. The flavor will be available direct-to-consumer at starting Aug. 3.

“We have so much appreciation for artisanal craft beer and have plenty of favorite microbreweries in NorCal,” said Molly Michet, president research and development at Goodles. “We carefully deconstructed the flavor notes of classic IPA and blended those ingredients with farmhouse cheddar to create a citrusy, malty, hoppy flavor profile, bringing a mac to the table that is entirely in its own category. The flavor is not overpowering but gently reminds you of what your first IPA tasted like and the nostalgic state of the mac and cheese you had growing up, but this time, the mac is better for you.”