ROBESONIA, PA. — Reading Baking Systems (RBS) is debuting the Thomas L. Green Emithermic XE Oven, an electric alternative to traditional Direct Gas Fired (DGF) ovens, for baking crackers.

According to RBS, traditional DGF ovens can be costly to maintain because of the many necessary ribbon burners down the length of the oven — which can be up to 300 feet long. The Emithermic XE Oven features electric radiant heat elements, high radiant Thermatex Panels and convective heat, all of which replace the need for ribbon burners.

“Commercial cracker bakers are under pressure to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions and increase operational efficiency,” said Cameron Johnston, director of engineering, RBS. “To do so, bakers are looking to replace DGF ovens for newer, more user-friendly technology. RBS ovens and dryers will be operating for the next 20 to 40 years. Therefore, it is crucial that our oven systems help bakers achieve their sustainability goals, while optimizing the cracker platform for product quality and production throughput.”

The Emithermic CE Oven design offers simpler operations and maintenance than traditional DGF ovens, according to RBS. In addition, it is available with gas or electric penthouses.