Antioxidants are often scaled by hand, which increases the chance of inaccuracy. To minimize these errors, ingredient suppliers are making antioxidants easier to dose and use. 

For bakers looking to automate scaling, liquid antioxidants can be metered by the exact dose. 

IFF offers its antioxidants in powder or liquid form and as oil- or water-soluble.

“Our oil-dispersible green tea extract is created using our Liquid in Oil Dispersible (LOD) technology that enables highly potent water-soluble green tea extract to be used in oil- and fat-containing applications, which most bakery products are,” said Ksenija Uroic, PhD, global product marketing for food protection, IFF.

In powdered form, suppliers often blend these dry ingredients with other minor and micro ingredients or even blend multiple antioxidants to create a one-drop solution. 

“The dry natural plant extracts can be pre-blended with other ingredients used in formulations and offered in a pre-weighed batch pack, requiring less labor to add in all necessary ingredients,” said Kristen Robbins, R&D manager, Kemin Food Technologies.  

These blends enable baking companies to get consistency from one shift to the next. 

“Corbion simplifies the use of antioxidants for bakers with diverse skill sets by creating an array of liquid and powder antioxidant blends that are easily and uniformly incorporated into baked products,” said Min Hu, PhD, principal scientist and antioxidant team leader, Corbion.

IFPC works with internal and external resources to combine functional ingredients into a kit that bakers can add some major ingredients to, such as flour, water and shortening in the case of a tortilla. 

“Reducing the complexity for our customers by taking on their working capital and, to some extent, the human capital, can help mitigate risk, even batches and allow redeployment of employees to more critical areas of the plant,” said Jenn Adams, director, ingredient technology and applications, IFPC.

This article is an excerpt from the June 2023 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on Antioxidants, click here.