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As chief operating officer of Unique Snacks, Reading, Pa., and chair of SNAC International, Justin Spannuth has seen the power the snack industry has when it comes together. In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Mr. Spannuth reflected on how salty snack makers in particular can complement each other rather than compete, and that they have much to learn from one another. 

“We’ve all lived the same life even if we have non-competitive products,” he said. 

Mr. Spannuth explained that when the snack industry as a whole does well, individual companies thrive, so it’s in the industry’s best interest to come together, whether advocating on Capitol Hill or sharing best practices and new technologies. 

“I think sharing information will always make you stronger,” he said. “The more you know the better you are. It doesn’t matter what industry you are. That will always work.” 

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to hear more about how Mr. Spannuth has benefitted from and helped others in the snack industry through SNAC International and personal connections. 

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