WASHINGTON — Three senior staff executives at the National Grain and Feed Association (N.G.F.A.) have been promoted in recognition of their enhanced professional responsibilities and years of service with the organization.

Todd E. Kemp was promoted to vice-president of marketing and treasurer from director. He has been with the N.G.F.A. since 1991, and in his new role he will be responsible for the overall management and direction of the N.G.F.A.’s membership recruitment, development and retention programs. He is the principal staff liaison to the N.G.F.A.’s Risk Management Committee, Finance and Administration Committee, and Membership and Marketing Committee. Most recently, he also provided the N.G.F.A.’s staff support in responding to the MF Global Inc., bankruptcy and its implications for customer-segregated funds, as well as the development of the association’s next long range plan.

David A. Fairfield was promoted to vice-president of feed services from director. Mr. Fairfield has been with the N.G.F.A.’s staff since 2001, and in his new role he will manage the N.G.F.A.’s myriad activities pertaining to feed and feed ingredient manufacturing, including co-products from the biofuels industry, as well as livestock and poultry integrator operations. He also leads the N.G.F.A.’s interaction with the Food and Drug Administration and state feed regulatory officials on feed and feed ingredient safety and policy; directs the N.G.F.A.’s Model Feed Quality Assurance Program and distance-learning courses; and addresses safety, health and environmental issues affecting the feed industry. He is principal staff liaison to the N.G.F.A.’s Feed Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee, Feed Manufacturing and Technology Committee, and Biofuels and Co-Products Committee.

Prior to joining the N.G.F.A., Mr. Fairfield had 20 years’ experience as a manager of feed mills for Cargill, Continental Grain Co. and Hubbard (now Ridley) Feeds Inc.

Charles M. Delacruz was promoted to vice president, in addition to his previous duties as general counsel and corporate secretary with the N.G.F.A. Mr. Delacruz has been the N.G.F.A.’s legal counsel and corporate secretary since joining the staff in 2002. In these capacities, he administers the association’s arbitration system. He also is a principal staff liaison to the Trade Rules Committee, Arbitration Appeals Committee, Legal Council and Rail Arbitration Rules Committee. In addition, he provides overarching in-house legal expertise on N.G.F.A. public policy issues, programs and services.

Prior to joining the N.G.F.A., Mr. Delacruz had experience in business law and private legal practice serving Fortune 500 food industry clients on regulatory, import-export, safety and quality, and business and litigation issues.

“The dedication, expertise, hard work and professionalism that Todd, Dave and Charlie exemplify have been instrumental to the N.G.F.A.’s policy achievements and success in providing valuable core services to our members,” said Randy Gordon, acting president and vice-president for communications and government relations at the N.G.F.A. “Their more than 36 years of combined experience in, and service to, the N.G.F.A. are a testament to their commitment to this industry and this association. They are committed to the principles of growth and competitive free markets that undergird everything the N.G.F.A. does, and value the role our industry serves in providing abundant and safe food and feed for domestic and world consumers. Each is a valued colleague, and we’re very fortunate to have them on our staff team.”