MADISON, WIS.  — Puris, a vertically integrated non-G.M.O. and organic food processing company, is partnering with Midwestern BioAg to help growers transition to organic. The partnership will provide financial, farm management and agronomic assistance. Minneapolis-based Puris is offering contracts to Midwestern BioAg growers for non-G.M.O. soybeans and non-G.M.O. yellow field peas.

Before producers can use land to raise organic products, they must ensure that no prohibited fertilizers or pesticides have been applied to the land during a three-year transition period, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program.

“Puris offers contracts and a market for grower’s production on transitional acres during the organic certification period, helping make the three-year transitional period profitable,” said Jordan Atchison, president of Puris grains, the seed and merchandising arm of Puris. “If we want farmers to embrace regenerative practices and a path to certified organic, we must give them tools. Puris is committed to our growers both on the seed technology side and securing their markets.”

Puris creates ingredients that are traceable to the farmers. Madison-based Midwestern BioAg helps both organic and conventional farms improve crop yields sustainably and profitably, according to the company.