MIAMI — A new better-for-you, plant-based potato and tortilla chip alternative is arriving in the snack aisle.

Chifles, a maker of plantain chips, is introducing Plantain Shells, containing 30% less fat than traditional potato chips, the company said. The certified kosher snack is vegan, gluten-free and features a golden hue and crisped curvatures that allow for dipping and topping.

Chifles products are sourced from plantains “that look ugly and taste delicious. This helps divert perfectly good produce away from landfills and into our pantries,” the company said.

Each 28-gram serving of Chifles Plantain Shells contains 150 calories, 3 grams of saturated fat, 125 mg of sodium and 0 grams of sugar. The chips come in 8.5-oz bags.

“The launch of this product is the perfect synthesis of chip and function, and the perfect bridge between cultures,” said Antonio Rivas Jr., president of Chifles. “The new plantain shells offer much more than just another option in snacking. It’s a fan-favorite selection that you can enjoy in brand new ways.”