CINNAMINSON, N.J. — BreadPartners, Inc., expanded its clean label product range with CLS 900, a non-G.M.O. powdered emulsifier and enzyme blend.

The ingredient may be used as a clean label replacement for Monodiglycerides such as Glycerol Monosterate. It prolongs shelf life while providing volume and bun resiliency, the company said. CLS 900 has been shown to prolong the softness of baked foods for more than 12 days when used at 1% flour on weight.

BreadPartners also offers several bold flavors as part of its Tastalito Range. Ryelito may be used to enhance the flavor of rye bread or pumpernickel bread that gets dulled by the addition of caramel color. Suralito makes a tangy San Francisco-style sourdough bread. The collection also includes Tentolito, a naturally fermented durum flavor; Toscalito, a natural dried wheat sour; Pestolito, a blend of herbs and spices that provides a unique pesto flavor; Salalito, which provides a spicy jalapeño and salsa flavor; and Tomalito, a blend of sun-dried tomatoes. Quesolito, a non-dairy asiago style cheese flavoring, and Parmalito, a non-dairy Parmesan cheese flavoring, also are included in the Tastalito Range.

For rich, buttery brioche, the company offers Superior Brioche. The ingredient is known for its high egg and butter content. It is 30% base and eliminates the need to scale and add additional shortening, BreadPartners said. The company also offers Our Soleil, an egg replacement for yeast-raised products.