AUSTIN, TEXAS — Plant Camp, LLC is launching its first product, a healthy take on macaroni and cheese, in collaboration with Creatd, Inc.

Founders Angela Hein and Heidi Brown launched Plant Camp with the goal of creating healthy upgrades to classic child-friendly foods. Its first product is a gluten-free, non-GMO macaroni and cheese featuring organic pasta made with pea protein and carrots, along with nutrients from spinach, broccoli and sweet potato.  Available in classic cheddar and white cheddar varieties, each serving contains 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of sugar.

Plant Camp is the inaugural partner of Creatd’s corporate venture division, Creatd Partners, which invests in early-stage direct-to-consumer brands. The company provided Plant Camp with nominal seed capital and helped construct the brand’s e-commerce infrastructure. It also used its Vocal creator platform to generate a profile of Plant Camp’s target audience. In exchange for the seed and equity capital and providing strategic and operational resources, Creatd received a 30% ownership in Plant Camp.

“Having developed and launched numerous consumer products over the years, I have had unique visibility into the necessity of disruptive marketing,” Ms. Hein said. “Entrepreneurs like Heidi and myself can significantly cut down on cost and time to market with a partner like Creatd.”