ROBESONIA, PA. — Shane Hanlon has been promoted to manager of project services at Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a manufacturer of snack production systems. In his new role, he will be responsible for leading the overall day-to-day project management activities, as well as continue to manage individual projects.

Mr. Hanlon has more than 29 years of manufacturing experience and has been with RBS since 2013, when he joined the company as a project manager. He was named manager of parts sales and service in 2016 and subsequently moved back into a project management position at the company.

Prior to joining RBS, Mr. Hanlon was national service manager for a major manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines.

“Shane has personally contributed to the success of many projects at RBS, necessitating the harmonization of complex data and customer requirements.” said Tremaine R. Hartranft, technical sales director at RBS. “Shane has the leadership and vision to drive the Project Management department forward, aligning opportunities to create value and deliver solutions to our customers.”