LOGAN, UTAH — In celebration of its fourth birthday, Crumbl Cookies, the nation’s fastest-growing gourmet cookie delivery and takeout company, has launched a new Golden Oreo cookie in partnership with Mondelez International.

The new menu item is stuffed with white chocolate chips and pieces of Golden Oreo and topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting, Golden Oreo crumbs and a mini Golden Oreo cookie. The special flavor is available only through Oct. 2.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Mondelez International once again to feature a new Oreo concept,” said Chelsea Currier, vice president of research and development at Crumbl. “With the Golden Oreo, we wanted to take the successful flavor profile of our most popular LTO and flip it on its head. This week is extra special for us as we will be celebrating four years since Crumbl launched our first store in Logan, Utah. We’ve put a lot of thought into the cookies we’re introducing this week, all of which feature our favorite iconic and nostalgic flavors.”

Crumbl has partnered in the past with Mondelez featuring brands like Sour Patch Kids and Oreo. The Chocolate featuring Oreo, which also happened to be the first Oreo cookie collaboration at Crumbl, was the bakery chain’s first cookie to outsell the classic chocolate chip.

“We’re super excited about this new collaboration with Crumbl,” said Susan Roney, key account manager for foodservice at Mondelez International. “The Golden Oreo has always been one of our most popular cookies, so we’re looking forward to introducing this new flavor concept to fans of Golden Oreo and Crumbl. I personally can’t wait to taste it.”