HORSHAM, PA. — Bimbo Bakeries USA subsidiary Sara Lee Bread is pledging $1 million to the organization U.S. Hunger as part of a multi-year partnership to combat hunger in the United States. The pledge is part of the brand’s efforts to strengthen its connection with its core consumer-base by fueling “renewed brand purpose to feed the soul of the American family with daily acts of love.”

U.S. Hunger addresses national food security by focusing on its root causes and human impact. As part of its pledge, Sara Lee is supporting the organization’s “Full Cart” program, which brings food to the doorsteps of those in need through partnership with donors, corporations and communities.

“Sara Lee Bread has always stood for high quality and delicious products that satisfy the whole family,” said Jinder Bhogal, senior brand manager at Sara Lee Bread. “While our mission to deliver great products will never waver, we’re excited to expand upon our founder’s 74-year-old vision and magnify our efforts to spread the love that’s been baked into our brand since day one. As we support families across the country, our goal is to enable them to focus on what really matters — creating more meaningful moments of love at home.”

Alongside the pledge, Sara Lee Bread will utilize digital advertising, social media and community engagement to support the branding campaign.