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KANSAS CITY — Artisan bakers take pride in maintaining the special qualities infused in their products. This season of Since Sliced Bread, Baking & Snack Editor Charlotte Atchley speaks with artisan bakers to learn about the challenges they face as consumer demand for artisan baked goods continues to heat up.

Listeners will hear from industry experts as they share how they are overcoming the challenges associate with incorporating automation, expanding distribution - without comprising the quality artisan baked goods are known for. The new season premiers July 19.

”Artisan bread and other baked goods are known for simply ingredients, long fermentation and open cell structures; it’s what makes these products delicious and special,” Ms. Atchley said. “But as bakers scale up to meet growing demand, those qualities can be at risk. In this season I got to hear from several bakers about how they’re staying true to their roots even as they grow.”

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