AHRENSBURG, GERMANY — MC Mühlenchemie has launched its Omnizym brand of enzyme-based ingredients. The brand’s initial ingredient makes it possible to reduce the sugar content in yeast-risen baked foods while addressing rising commodity and production costs, according to the Ahrensburg-based company.

The ingredient comes in two versions. Enzymes in the first version convert the starch into glucose units and support fermentation, color and flavor formulation. Through the fermentation process the enzymes provide for the production of maltose and thus faster fermentation and more even crust color. The second version has an added flavoring component to provide the identical sweetness of baked foods that have full sugar content.

The Omnizym brand offers tailor-made answers for every individual flour standardization requirement, according to the company, explaining that due to regional differences, in particular with regard to the quality of available raw materials, no two sets of requirements are alike. Instead, they are “omni-complex.” Meeting the requirements takes complex compositions and compositions of enzymes. Omnizym features the ability to combine all available enzyme solutions, according to the company.

The Omnizym brand joins other brands such as Alphamalt, Powerzym and Mulgazym in the Mühlenchemie portfolio.