MILAN —Sixth- going on seventh-generation family-run company Pasta Rummo is expanding its distribution of 11 classic and gluten-free pasta varieties to be available at all US Whole Foods Markets.

Founded in 1846 by Antonio Rummo in Benevento, Italy, Pasta Rummo produces its bronze die-cut pastas in the same town today, excluding its gluten-free varieties, which are made at a designated facility in Novaro, Italy. The company’s signature pasta quality is the al dente, or “to the tooth,” texture that maintains a structured bite after being cooked.

“At Rummo, we're passionate – even obsessive – about the quality of our pasta,” said Mr. Rummo, president of Rummo, USA. “We’ve been in the business for over 175 years, so tradition is fundamental. But we're constantly innovating to deliver a higher quality product that stands above the rest.”

Starting this month, Whole Foods Markets will carry 11 Pasta Rummo varieties, including shells and mezzi rigatoni — both exclusive to Whole Foods through December — as well as linguine, bucatini, elbows, penne rigate, lasagna, cut ziti, gluten-free fusilli, gluten-free penne rigate and gluten-free spaghetti.

“We are always looking for quality, unique products to add to our shelves, which is why we are so excited to launch Rummo products in stores nationally,” said Brooke Gil, grocery category merchant at Whole Foods Market. “Rummo’s wide range of premium pastas shows the high level of care the Rummo family takes in its centuries-old production, offering an incredible flavor profile and texture that are a perfect match for any sauce or topping.”