NEW YORK — Pure Protein, a subsidiary of sports and active nutrition company 1440 Foods, is adding two varieties to its protein bar lineup.

The Galactic Brownie and caramel churro gluten-free bars are designed as nostalgic and globally inspired twists on Pure Protein’s existing flavors. Aimed at health-conscious consumers looking to satisfy sweet cravings, both products contain 20 grams of protein, less than 200 calories and between 1 to 3 grams of sugar per 1.75-oz bar.

“Our consumers actively seek out healthy snacks that support their active lifestyles and satisfy cravings for sweet, savory and familiar treats,” said Amie Testerman, vice president of marketing at Pure Protein. “We are thrilled to introduce Galactic Brownie and caramel churro High Protein Bars as part of Pure Protein's ever-expanding range of high-quality nutritional products and on-trend flavors.”

The bars are now available in 4-count packages at Walmart stores across the United States. Other products under the Pure Protein label include popped pea-protein crisps, protein shakes and 100% whey protein powders.