SOMERSET, NJ. — Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food Co. and ZXCHEM USA have launched protein powders for plant-based food and beverage applications.

HydroRice PA80 is rice protein while HydroPR80 is a 40/60 blend of rice and pea protein, according to the company. 

The protein powders are manufactured with a process that does not use enzymes or hydrolyzation to change the protein functionality. The proteins are manufactured by using a combination of high-pressure homogenization and spray drying, according to the company. 

HydroRice PA80 may be used in dairy applications such as RTD, powered beverages, yogurt, ice cream and cream cheese.

HydroPR 80 may be used in clean label dairy replacement beverages. 

“These products present a major step forward for the development of plant-based alternatives to dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cream cheese, and yogurt,” said Wade Zheng, president of ZXCHEM USA. “We are excited to offer them in the US and Canadian markets for the first time.”

Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food Co. is a rice protein manufacturer based in Anhui province in Eastern China.

ZXCHEM USA is a supplier of animal and plant proteins for the food and beverage industry and also supplies various chemicals.