LOS ANGELES — Barebells Functional Foods LLC, a Swedish company that manufactures protein-filled snack bars, is launching banana caramel soft protein bars in the United States.

Joining the likes of other Barebells soft bar flavors such as caramel choco and salted peanut caramel, the banana caramel soft bars are made with a creamy banana-flavored core, a fudgy and smooth caramel sauce and a thick milk chocolate cover. The bars have 16 grams of protein per bar and no added sugar.

“The soft bars are different from any other protein bar, considering both taste and texture,” said Caitlyn Johnson, US marketing activation manager for Barebells. “Banana caramel tastes more like a candy bar than a protein bar, but brings 16 grams of protein. Banana caramel is one of our best flavors yet and already a top seller in many European countries. It is amazing how well the combination of chocolate, banana and caramel is tasting. If you are not a big fan of bananas yet, you will be surprised.”

The Barebells banana caramel soft protein bars are available now on the company’s website and on Amazon. The snack bars also will be sold at the GNC and Vitamin Shoppe retailers starting in January 2024.