Sophisticated snack packs

Snack packs are gaining traction in the convenience channel, combining simple, high-protein ingredients such as nuts, cheese and meat, in multi-compartment packaging.

Tyson Foods has expanded its Hillshire Snacking Small Plates line with three new varieties. Each features seasoned pork paired with cheese. Flavors include whiskey and brown sugar, apple chardonnay and smoky bourbon.


Coming soon from Link’s Snacks, Inc. is Lorissa’s Kitchen Combos, a range of premium snack packs featuring jerky, nuts and fruit. Varieties include Hawaiian Style Harmony, Moroccan Style Market and Mediterranean Style Medley.


ParmCrisps Artisan Trios from That’s How We Roll, L.L.C. combines oven-baked cheese crisps with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Other snack packs seen at NACS included fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, whole wheat crackers, hummus or chocolate.