ZAANDIJK, THE NETHERLANDS — AAK will open an Innovation Center of Excellence to develop plant-based foods near its local production facilities. The company said the renovated riverside warehouse, which includes culinary, sensory and pilot plant facilities, will allow its teams to work with customers from around the world to create new plant-based food products.

“Work on a wide range of insight-driven projects and technologies is already underway in the center, relating to the taste, nutrition, sustainability, and functionality of plant-based foods and ingredients,” said Niall Sands, president of commercial development and innovation at AAK. “We are excited by their potential to make a positive difference to our customers’ products and processes as we strive to make better happen from plant to brand.”

AAK will celebrate the opening of the Innovation Center of Excellence on March 28. Invited customers, partners and investors will be able to see the facility and learn more about the company’s plans for plant-based food development.