DENVER – Ardent Mills Egg Replace and Ardent Mills Ancient Grains Plus are new additions to the Ardent Mills’ ingredient portfolio.

Egg Replace serves as a 1:1 replacement for dried and liquid whole eggs, according to the company. Formulated with chickpea flour and three other ingredients, the product is gluten-free and vegan and contains no major US food allergen or soy ingredients.

Ancient Grains Plus™ baking flour blend is blended from ancient grains and chickpeas to provide more quality protein than traditional flours, according to the company. It has a mild flavor, is plant-based and gluten-free and contains no major US food allergens.

"Our latest products, Ardent Mills Egg Replace™ and Ancient Grains Plus™ baking flour blend, underscore our commitment to being strategic partners with our customers by providing proactive solutions to industry challenges while simultaneously meeting consumer demand," said Angie Goldberg, chief growth officer at Ardent Mills.