CHICAGO — Beneo plans to launch Orafti ß-Fit, a whole grain barley flour with 20% beta-glucans, at IFT FIRST, the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and expo scheduled for July 16-19 in Chicago.

Beta-glucans are viscous and soluble dietary fibers that make food thicker and delay its passage through the large and small intestines, according to Beneo, Mannheim, Germany. Beta-glucans from barley contribute to blood sugar management and cardiovascular health.

Orafti ß-Fit will be produced in the United States and offered globally. Potential applications include baked foods, pasta, cereal and meal replacements. Orafti ß-Fit positively impacts texture by increasing viscosity in applications such as dairy alternatives. Beneo will sample waffles containing the flour at IFT FIRST.

“This whole grain and clean label barley flour strengthens Beneo’s expertise as a leading provider of functional fibers,” said Jon Peters, sales director, Americas. “Orafti ß-Fit is perfectly aligned with the company’s goal to connect nutrition and health. It delivers convincing benefits with FDA-approved health claims. Orafti β-Fit, as an economically attractive solution, supports food manufacturers in developing tasty and appealing products with added value in times of tighter consumer budgets. As this is Beneo’s first ingredient that is fully produced in the US, IFT is the perfect platform to launch and present this product.”