TAMPA, FLA. — Superlatus Inc., a diversified food technology company with distribution capabilities that recently merged with health services information technology company Trxade Health, Inc., will introduce pulse-based twisted protein snacks. The twists are made with advanced food extrusion technology from Sapientia Technology, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Superlatus.

Eugenio Bortone, PhD, chief technology officer at Superlatus, came up with the idea for the twisted protein snacks. Dr. Bortone also is credited with inventing Frito-Lay’s Twisted Cheetos.

Superlatus said the pulse-based protein twists will have 25% less calories (112 calories), over 300% more protein (8 grams), 200% more fiber (3 grams), 40% less fat (6 grams), 67% less saturated fat (0.5 grams) and 20% less sodium (200 mg), than traditional snacks. The twisted protein snacks are currently available in 300 federated cooperatives in Canada under different private labels as a proof of concept.

“Over 100,000 schools and institutions serve school lunches to 29.6 million students daily,” said Tim Alford, interim chief executive officer of Superlatus. “We know soft drinks and traditional chips are the most frequent items sold in vending machines at school. By dominating and leading the better-for-you (BFY) snack category in the schools, colleges, and universities across the continental United States, we have the unique opportunity to grow rapidly as our products have a long shelf-life, no chemicals, and there are no freezing costs.”

The protein twists will launch through Brave Robot, a brand of Superlatus subsidiary The Urgent Co. Brave Robot uses animal-free whey protein from Perfect Day, Inc. to create lactose-free and vegan-friendly ice cream. The Urgent Co., meanwhile, uses innovation and science to make animal-free foods with a lesser impact on the planet. Superlatus expects to market Brave Robot products in the United States in early 2024.